VSL’s services enable business enterprises to outsource their supply chain operations lowering associated costs with minimal risk. These services can be one or a combination of the following:

  1. Standard outsource: VSL’s highly sophisticated Distribution Centre in Qastal and the facility expansion currently underway together with its large vehicle fleet offer a physical 3PL (3rd Party Logistics Service Provider) warehousing and distribution service that will suit any potential customer that needs to store and move standard “clean" cartonised or bagged product anywhere in Jordan.
  2. Technology value-add: VSL’s real-time WMS and other associated technologies can handle high SKU complexities with batch tracking requirements and shelf-life sensitivities.
    1. VSL’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) will control the client’s stock whilst in VSL’s care. VSL will pick on a FEFO (First Expired First Out) basis to deliver to the client or the client’s customers and keep a record of batch numbers of each pallet of the client’s stock. The client will have full stock visibility while in VSL care. Stock reports can be sent monthly, bi-weekly or via ad-hoc request.
  3. Managed services: additional services include:
    1. a. Site management: placement of a management team at a client site in order to implement pre-agreed objectives.
      b. Enabling technology implementation and operation to facilitate the above.
  4. Consultancy: logistics assessment of an organization with measurable improvement recommendations as deliverables which may or may not include a combination of VSL’s services as listed above.
  5. Integration: combining the expertise, resources, capabilities and technologies of VSL with those of the client and outside service providers. Outside service providers could include business partners and independent operators to leverage each respective party’s core competencies.
  6. Co-Packing: Our on-premise sister company, Premier Packaging, will see to all customer co-packing and labelling requirements using the highest quality materials.

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